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【SLAP SPEED】・【HAMATOLA!】が主催する《Cafe Racer/カフェレーサー》をテーマにしたミーティングイベントです。
基本的にはCafe Racer スタイルのミーティングですが、
スタイル、国内外車種、新旧は問わず 、

It is a meeting event on the theme of “Cafe Racer”.
Although it is an occasional event held once or twice a year, I think that it becomes a place of exchange and information exchange.
It is an event that puts a point on “human” such as “value” and “LifeStyle” rather than “car” and “rare value”.
Basically it is a Cafe Racer style meeting,
There are no standards or restrictions on participating vehicles, etc.,
Regardless of style, domestic and foreign, old and new, please come and visit each love machine!

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2017.10.14(SAT)”【Cafe Racer’s MET】Takasaki 2017″開催決定!(※10.14雨天延期の場合、10.15 sun)

『道の駅 ららん藤岡』に集合して、【MET】会場の”NUT Clothing & Cafe”までの30分前後のパレードラン

『ららん藤岡』 駐車場
12:00少し前―Nut Clothing & Cafe 到着

2017.10.28(SAT)”【Cafe Rascer’s HANG OUT!】2″開催決定!(※10.28雨天延期の場合、10.29 sun)     

★Past 【MET】—-今までの【MET】、【HANG OUT!】のPhoto Galleries.

●【Cafe Racer’s HANG OUT!】at Kamakura “Alpha Betti Cafe” (July.29.2017)
“Photo Gallery【Cafe Racer’s HANG OUT!】at Kamakura “Alpha Betti Cafe” July.29.2017

●【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Gifu (May.21.2017)
“Photo Gallery【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Gifu”

●【Cafe Racer’s MET】 Yokohama 2017 (Apr.23.2017)
“Photo Gallery【Cafe Racer’s MET】 Yokohama 2017

●【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Yokohama (Apr.23.2016)
“Photo Gallery【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Yokohama”

●【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Chichibu (Apr.26.2015)
“Photo Gallery【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Chichibu”

●【Cafe Racer’s MET】 at Takasaki (Nov/23.2014)
“Photo Gallery 【Cafe Racer’s MET】at Takasaki”

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