“Brit Brat Day Vol2″at Antiques Cafe.Asagaya Tokyo

M.Hiraishi&BMW R60/6
Y.S.B(Yokohama Swinging Boys)M.Hiraishi Throttle Open His BMW R60/6.
Go to “Brit Brat Day Vol.2″at “Antiques Cafe” Asagaya Tokyo.

”Brit Brat Day Vol.2″ after 2days later “Vol.1” Change at Location for “Antiques Cafe” at Asagaya Tokyo May 21 2013.
With M.hiraishi(Y.S.B) and Y.Suzuki.

"Brit Brat Day Vol.2"at Antiques Cafe
“Brit Brat Day Vol.2” at “Antiques Cafe” Asagaya Tokyo May.21.2013


"Brit Brat Day Vol.2"at Antiques Cafe
“Antiques Cafe”Asagaya Suginami Tokyo.
Really Good Time Cafe Space for Moto Freaks.
Night Cruise 2Cylinders.
Nice Condition Night Cruising 2Friends and Me.
Flat&Vertical&Para Twins Back to Yokohama City.